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Go back to the early days of amateur radio, and get the thrill again!

Imagine the fewer of chasing new DXCC countries again! For some - QRP is a new beginning, for others a new challenge or even a great way of life. Operating QRP you may forget about TVI! Just put some stealth antenna and you are on the air.

Around the world with the QRP!
QRP DXCC? It's easy on 20 or 15 meters, on 40 meters you may need a winter or two, on 80 or 160 meters it could be a lifetime effort.

Do it on holidays, in contests. Use it as "before the sleep" radio. It is a great reason to get up half hour earlier, check the bands drinking early morning cafe, or to find long winter nights less depressive. Discover the world of QRP contesting, less stressful - contesting for pure enjoyment.

Build it yourself or get completely finished one
You can choose between basic kit, kit with pre-wound toroids, or completely finished ready to operate transceiver. Basic kit contains all parts needed to assemble a complete transceiver: resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, mixers, ICs, toroids, wire for coils, high quality soldering wire, double sided professional quality PCBs, case and all mechanical parts like buttons, screws, connectors... Extensive assembly manual is illustrated with step by step assembly pictures. It begins with detailed theory of operation - so you will know your radio. Detail procedure for easy tuning etc...

Performance that will challenge any big radio
With huge dynamic range (IP3 of +15 dBm) this radio is a serious instrument. Think about finding a high quality headphones, this radio deserves it. Feel the technical perfection, silky smooth QSK, shaped sinewave sidetone, high quality audio. All that in a very compact package. With a resonant wire and a location at the top of the hill you may have the world best receiving system at the moment. Milliwatter freaks will love built in power meter, to calculate miles per watt ratio. Built in SWR meter helps you to play with the antennas. Connect external power amplifier and enjoy the big gun operation. Serious contesters can easily turn of the AGC.

Optimized for enjoyable operation
A1 is designed using well proven conservative approach. Optimization of A1 transceiver is done both in laboratory and in real life tests - working seriously in big contests and chasing DX. Built in RIT and XIT allows you to fine tune the receiver and to work DX in split mode. QSK system enables you to listen between the dits, but a longer delay can be switched that will allow more comfortable operation in high QRM situations. Clean design without SMT components allows easy modifications and further optimizations. Built in 4 mode keyer for every taste (bug and ultimatic mode for old timers, Curtis iambic modes A and B for QRQ elite).

A1 Features:
- Plug-in band modules for any short-wave amateur band. Up to 100 kHz coverage per band. Order as many bands as you want. Easy band module change.
- 3 digit LED display: frequency (100 Hz resolution), power, SWR, S-meter, keying speed and supply voltage.
- Very small size:94mm x 55mm x 157mm (B x H x T)
- Weight 540 g
- Built in RIT and XIT controls, range: -1 kHz; +3 kHz
- Built in speaker, SWR/Power meter and 4 mode keyer
- Supply voltage: 10 - 15 V
- Premixed stable VFO system
- Clickless sidetone oscillator
- Silky smooth QSK

- Minimum discernible signal: -130 dBm
- Third order intercept point: +15 dBm
- Selectivity: 500 Hz/3dB

- Output power continuously adjustable from 0 to full 5 watts
- Unwanted products: -40 dB or better.


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